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AMAS.aero Update: Release Notes #2022.12

Introducing the latest update for AMAS.aero, packed with new and improved features for compliance and safety management. Our team has worked hard to bring you a more intuitive and user-friendly platform, with added functionality to help streamline your processes and keep you up-to-date with the latest regulations. Read on for the full release notes.

Start page

We did it again!

  • The start page has been redesigned so that the two most important modules of AMAS (Compliance Management and Safety Management) are now directly accessible and immediately visible. In addition, we have adapted the pull-down menu to the My AMAS.aero window.
  • The configuration of each app can now be found in the individual applications themselves.
  • We also reduced space between the different windows. So everything looks more compact overall.

My company profile

  • My Company has become the My Company profile and is in the section “Other”.
    Here you can now create your company profile, which has an influence on the various AMAS assistants.
  • In addition, you can give users Compliance and/or Safety Manager rights, depending on your subscription.
  • Implemented a used in feature in distribution lists, and workflows.


New documentation functions and matched regulations column

  • You can reduce your applicable regulations by setting up your company profile. The Insight report will then show the relevant regulations in the “Matched” column.

We know that every month regulations are published that have been changed, that are new, that have been deleted or that will become valid in the future. Documenting all these regulations takes time. To reduce this documentation time, we have implemented additional functions in InSight.

  • You can take documentation for entire parts, subparts, sections, numbers, and status.
  • A new status is implemented which can be used for deleted regulations (outdated).

Standards & Regulations

Added an archive for standards and regulations

  • Deleted regulations could no longer be accessed in Standards & Regulations after 4 weeks. This is now possible. You can find and access these deleted regulations in the archive.

PDF Export function

  • Sometimes it would be nice to be able to export or print out part of the regulations in a PDF. The browser functions are a little limited. It is now possible to export the filtered regulations directly into a PDF on the “Regulations” Page.

Additional filter with Rev. Document on regulations page

AI Information

  • With this update we introduce the AMAS AI information in Standards & Regulations. If a regulation contains further information in addition to the regulation text, this is displayed with the help of a small green AMAS icon. AMAS AI Information can be the following: FAQ, Change / Notes, Prior approval, Linked manual chapters and much more. We will expand this data in all regulations with each AMAS update.

Identification of Obligations


  • We want to further simplify and make the functions in AMAS more concise. This also includes renaming longer application names such as Identification of Obligations. It is now simply called Obligations!

Compact presentation of the obligations for analysis purposes (compliance register / list compact)

New Assistant

  • Added another AMAS assistant based on company profile, which adds obligations to the compliance register and compliance list by matching keywords and organization types.

Audits & Inspections

UNDO Assessment

  • Sometimes you want to undo an assessment you have made in the audit assessment. Until now, this was not possible. With the new update, you can now click on the same assessment again and the obligation or question will be reset to not assessed. If you have already created a non-conformity, this is no longer possible in this case.

Postponed Non-Conformity

  • In AMAS, the original due date of a non-conformity can no longer be changed once the compliance report has been released. However, practice shows that the set due date is often exceeded and then must be postponed. Postponing has always been possible by changing the date in the correction task. However, this postponement was not displayed in the NC itself. This has now been implemented and it is now displayed in the NC view.

Adding audit content

  • When adding audit content, deleted regulations were sometimes displayed but not added. This has led to confusion when adding audit content. From now on, it is no longer possible to select and add deleted regulations to an audit in your audit programme or in your audit execution.

Change lead auditor in execution

  • Changing the auditor in audit execution was not possible until now. We have now made this possible.

Export Audit Checklists

  • with regulation text
  • without regulation text

Measure Management

New buttons introduced

  • Moving task deadlines and setting responsibilities has been simplified. There are now separate buttons for both functions.

Information Collection

Presentation of documents in simplified tabular form

Read and Sign function

  • It is sometimes important to get user reading confirmation of certain documents. With the published documents you can now set which users should do this.


Optimized non-conformity report

  • The old non-conformity report was not very meaningful and did not provide direct results when using the filters. From now on you can display your nonconformities in an extended PDF export and view them in reports. You can also use multiple selections for filtering.

Third party access!

  • We know that images and attachments are not integrated into the compliance report. There are various reasons for this, but it would still be very helpful to make this information available to a third party without having to search for everything individually. For this reason, we have now created the possibility of activating compliance reports for third parties so that they can view the reports including attachments and images directly in AMAS.aero. This special account only has access to the released compliance reports. In further updates, we will extend this function for other reports.

Safety Management Module

AMAS Reporting

  • Submit safety reports, manage your events and incidents, and perform initial and final risk assessments.

AMAS Hazards & Risks

  • Manage your hazards and risks and perform risk assessments.

AMAS Performance Monitoring

  • Manage your performance indicators and monitor target values.

AMAS Communication (coming soon)

  • Manage your meetings, create protocols and reviews, and schedule meetings.
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