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Information Collection

Your Centralized Document Register Solution

AMAS.aero's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make compliance and safety management simple and efficient.
Organize. Store. Retrieve.
In the dynamic world of aerospace, efficient document management is key. That’s why AMAS.aero introduces Information Collection – your solution to a centralized document register. Manage and upload documents, sign, archive, and filter them with ease. Information Collection brings order to your data, freeing you to focus on what truly matters – excellence in aerospace.

Information Collection – Feature Overview

Document Management

Easily manage and upload documents into your central register. Say goodbye to misplaced or lost files.

Document Search and Filter

Harness the power of a smart search function to find documents and filter record files, helping you retrieve the information you need quickly.

Document Signing

Sign documents and mark them as read within the system. Efficiently manage tasks and acknowledge important information.

Archive with Version History

Keep a clean archive with version history, making it easy to track changes and updates to your documents.

Favorites Setup

Set up favorites for quick and easy access to your most referenced documents.

Comment Function

Use the comment function to add context or instructions to documents, promoting clear communication and collaboration.
With AMAS.aero's Information Collection feature, managing your document library becomes a streamlined and stress-free process.

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