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Measure Management

Your Solution to Non-Conformity and Task Monitoring

AMAS.aero's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make compliance and safety management simple and efficient.
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In the challenging environment of aerospace, managing non-conformities and tasks is paramount. AMAS.aero introduces Measure Management – a feature designed to streamline and simplify your process. Monitor and manage non-conformities and set up and manage tasks while maintaining an archive for reference.

Measure Management – Feature Overview

Non-Conformity Management

Handle and monitor non-conformities effectively, including root cause analysis, corrective action plan, and correction.

Task Management

Set up and manage tasks efficiently with our comprehensive task management tool.

Task and Non-Conformity Verification

Release and verify tasks and non-conformities, maintaining a consistent and effective workflow.

Cause Code Library

Utilize our cause code library, covering areas like human factor, management, methods, and resources. Expand it individually to suit your needs.

ChatGPT-Assisted Analysis

Perform the root cause analysis and corrective action plan with the help of advanced AI – ChatGPT.

Status and Timeline Monitoring

Monitor the status and timeline of your tasks and non-conformities, keeping your operations on track.

Task Date Extension

Extend task dates when required, offering flexibility in your workflow.

Comment Addition

Add comments directly within the Measure Management feature, promoting clear communication and understanding.

File Upload

Upload files for each task, ensuring all relevant documentation is easily accessible.


Maintain a secure archive of all your handled non-conformities and tasks, providing an invaluable resource for future reference.

AMAS.aero's Measure Management feature gives you the power to efficiently manage non-conformities and tasks, bringing precision, transparency, and effectiveness to your workflow.

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