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Performance Monitoring

Taking Control of Your Aerospace Performance

AMAS.aero's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make compliance and safety management simple and efficient.
Measure. Monitor. Adapt.
In the highly competitive aerospace industry, effective performance monitoring is key to success. That’s where AMAS.aero comes in. Our Performance Monitoring feature empowers you to manage and create performance indicators, monitor target values, and more, all in a user-friendly platform.

Performance Monitoring – Feature Overview

Performance Indicators Management

Manage and create performance indicators that align with your strategic objectives, providing clear insight into your operations.

Expandable SPI Library

Utilize our expandable SPI (Safety Performance Indicators) library, offering a comprehensive resource for performance monitoring.

Individual Monitoring Scheme

Tailor your monitoring scheme to fit your unique needs, promoting more accurate and relevant insights.

Monitoring Intervals and Target Values

Set and track monitoring intervals and target values, facilitating a clear overview of your progress towards goals.

Status Indication

Stay informed with clear status indications, providing instant insights into your performance status.

Various Filters

Navigate your performance indicators effortlessly with our diverse filter options.


Maintain a clean and accessible archive of your performance data for future reference and audits.

With AMAS.aero's Performance Monitoring feature, you're in control of your performance data, empowering you to drive progress and achieve your aerospace objectives.

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