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Your Tool for Enhanced Safety and Incident Management

AMAS.aero's intuitive interface and comprehensive features make compliance and safety management simple and efficient.
Report. Respond. Resolve.

Ensuring safety and effective incident management is a crucial aspect of aerospace operations. With Reporting from AMAS.aero, we empower you to submit safety reports, manage your events and incidents, and perform initial and final risk assessments, all through a user-friendly interface.

Reporting – Feature Overview

Safety Reports Submission and Event Management

Submit safety reports and manage events and incidents with ease, improving your ability to respond and react effectively.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with real-time notifications, helping you stay ahead of incidents and manage responses more efficiently.

Risk Register Linking

Seamlessly linked to your risk register, our Reporting tool facilitates comprehensive risk management.

Confidential and Anonymous Reporting

Uphold confidentiality with our anonymous reporting feature, fostering an environment of trust and transparency.

Risk Assessment

Perform initial and final risk assessments, strengthening your ability to mitigate and manage potential risks.

Mitigation and Feedback System

Our integrated mitigation and feedback system enables clear communication to the reporter, enhancing understanding and encouraging continuous improvement.

Status Indication

With clear status indications, track the progress of each report, helping to ensure timely response and resolution.

Various Filters

Utilize our various filters to navigate through your reports with ease.


Maintain a clean and accessible archive of your reports for future reference and compliance.

With AMAS.aero's Reporting feature, enhance your safety reporting and incident management process, promoting a safer, more compliant aerospace environment.

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